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Free Introductory Coaching Session

Whatever type of coaching you are interested in, Paul offers you an introductory free coaching session. The session will allow to explore whether coaching is going to be the right choice for you at this stage in your life.

Free Coaching SessionFirstly it will give you a great opportunity to talk about your current situation and your hopes for the future. This will be in a completely confidential, non-judgmental environment. Sometimes just talking things through with someone who will really listen to you might be all that you need to move forward in your life. Paul will then explain a little bit more about life coaching – what it involves, and just as importantly what it does not involve. As an example, this would include Paul telling you what to do next.

Towards the end of the free coaching session, there will be an opportunity for you to discuss with Paul how further sessions might be able to help. This will involve a joint discussion about what your ideal programme might involve. But there will be absolutely no pressure placed on you to come to a decision during the session. Paul understands that you might want some time to think things through before making a commitment.

Already Familiar with Coaching?

You may have used a life coach before or feel that you know all you need to know about coaching. In this case, you may wish to begin your chosen coaching programme right away, without an introductory session. In this case, rather than a free coaching session, you may choose to extend the first paid session of your programme to up to two hours. This will ensure that the first session is highly productive and that your whole programme gets off to the best possible start.

Act Today!

Call 07905 929 953 or use the booking form on this page to arrange your first free coaching session: Your life transformation can begin today!

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