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Career Coaching

The Horizons Career Coaching programme is ideal if you are considering a major career change. This could be as a result of feeling like “a square peg in a round hole” in your current job. Or it could be you just feel in need of a new direction to add some spice into your life. The programme is also suitable if you are at the start of your career and trying to decide between a number of options.

Career Coaching Description

Book your free introductory Career Development Coaching session todayIt is important to distinguish between careers advice and career coaching. In the former, the advisor will usually run one or more psychometric tests and then try to guide you towards a solution which he or she believes best matches your profile. In contrast, a coach will help you better understand your underlying motivations and aspirations - what makes you tick as a person - and then assist you to come up with your own best solution and action plan to match your personal values. The best way of finding out more about the Career Coaching programme is to book a free Introductory Session with Paul Hemphill. You can use this session to meet Paul, tell him about your current situation and ask him any questions. Attending this friendly and informative session is entirely without obligation so please don't hesitate to book today by phoning Paul on 07905.929.953 or by using our easy to complete Booking Form.

Career Coaching Testimonials

"Paul helped me to understand myself better and plan my future career and life goals. Within a few months I had changed jobs, applied for an MBA and dramatically enhanced my personal life. His coaching sessions were flexible and invaluable. Highly recommend." (Matty Red, Switzerland - Coaching by Skype)

"Many thanks for your highly professional assistance over the past weeks.  I have emerged from the process invigorated, full of fresh ideas, and highly motivated!" (Rex Winter, solicitor, Newcastle upon Tyne)

How is the Career Coaching Programme delivered?

The Horizons Career Coaching programme involves four 1 hour sessions, spaced about one week apart. After the first session of the programme it will be helpful to send us your most recent CV, if you have one.

Detailed Description

The four 1 hour sessions that make up the programme are:

SESSION ONE helps you to identify your core values – the personal rules which govern all your emotions and behaviours. Surprisingly, most people do not have a clear understanding of their values, even though this can lead to difficulties in decision making and prioritisation.

SESSION TWO helps you to review your values and to reach an understanding that any stress or disappointment in your work and life is due to one or more of your values not being met sufficiently, or to two of your values being in conflict with one another. If you are already in work, a key area that will be explored is whether it is your career choice that is causing the most stress – or the particular job that you are doing at present.

SESSION THREE helps you to establish some new medium to long term career goals, by first looking at a range of options that are based on your core values and mission.

SESSION FOUR helps you to agree a short term action plan that sets out the immediate things you feel you need to do or change, in order to work towards your long term goals.

What happens next?

The Horizons Career Coaching programme is a discrete stand-alone programme that delivers a significant life changing experience for anyone who enters into it with commitment and enthusiasm. It does not require any further coaching sessions to be arranged. However, after finishing their initial 4 week coaching programme you might wish to arrange ongoing monthly or quarterly review sessions, partly to give yourself an extra incentive to carry out your action plan and partly to discuss what further changes you might need to make in your life going forward. Or you might decide that you would benefit from one or more additional coaching sessions of specific issues of concern such as improving self confidence or your work life balance.

How much does it cost?

  • Pay as you go: £60 per session
  • All four sessions, paid in advance: £190

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