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Online Course Booking Form

Thank you for deciding to take part in this online training course. The course fee is £95 (about $125). This will give you a full 12 months access to the course material which you can continue to use as a reference resource, long after you complete the course.

Once you have paid your course fee, within 48 hours you will receive a registration e-mail giving you personal access to the course and allowing you to set your own password. The software will recognise you each time you log on and will know the point in the course you reached when you last logged off.


  1. Please click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below. This page will then refresh with a new box appearing below, confirming the price of the course.
  2. Please check that there is a 1 in the quantity box and not a 2 (which can sometimes happen if you have clicked more than once on the “Add to Cart” button)
  3. Next, if you have a Discount Code, please enter it in the box provided and click “Apply”. The page will refresh again, showing a new price. If you don’t have a discount code, please just go to step 4.
  4. Finally, click on the ‘Checkout with PayPal’ button to pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or via PayPal.


Positive Psychology for Coaches and Therapists Course
Positive Psychology