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Workplace Wellbeing

The Horizons’ “Work Positive” Approach to Workplace Wellbeing

Most people accept that there is a close link between personal fitness and their overall level of happiness and wellbeing. It's a virtuous circle: Being fit helps you feel good about yourself; and feeling good helps motivate you to become even fitter!

There is a similar link between staff wellbeing and the overall productivity and profitability of the company or organisation where they work. Once again it's a virtuous circle: Happy employees are more creative and give more attention to customer care and this leads to better products and services being delivered. And in turn, a healthy, efficient company leads to everyone working there to feel good and to be proud of the organisation they work for.

If you are a manager or owner of a business, it therefore follows that one of your most important tasks is to look after your staff and help them to feel at their best. And Horizons Coaching can help you do just that! We have assembled a fantastic team of Associates under our "Work Positive" banner to provide you with a comprehensive menu of workshops, training courses, consultancy and coaching support to help you go from good to great in terms of your employee engagement and wellbeing. Employee motivation is rarely primarily about financial rewards and paying the highest wages. Instead the "Work Positive" approach recommends that you focus on issues like consistency, fairness, autonomy, recognition and purpose.

To find out more about our approach, the "Work Positive" team and the ways in which we can help, please click here to download our "Work Positive" brochure. This brochure sets out a wide range of interventions including:

  • Workshops and Courses for Managers and staff to raise morale, increase resilience and promote better team-working
  • Work Positive Consultancy Services and the preparation of a detailed Action Plan for your business or organisation
  • Team Building programmes including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessments and Drama-Based Learning
  • Leadership Development and One-to-One Coaching

If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss the next steps, please don't hesitate to contact Paul Hemphill by e-mail at paul@horizonslifecoaching.co.uk, or by phone on 07905-929-953.

“When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home.”

Betty Bender