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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching yields results!The Horizons Leadership Coaching programme is delivered by Leadership Coach, Paul Hemphill. Paul has a proven track record of helping good managers become true leaders who can inspire and motivate their staff. True leaders replace apathy and old habits with passion and enthusiasm, and create a workplace environment brimming with confidence and growth potential.

Traditional Leadership Development programmes are based on old-style teaching methods: principles and actions are taught to individuals as “rules” or “laws” that should be learned and then applied. The Leadership Coaching approach is very different. It is based on the belief that the most important requirements for anyone to be an effective leader are self awareness, integrity, and empathy with their team. Coaching provides a one-to-one, highly-personal approach to development which will help you as a manager to draw out the solutions and the way forward that is going to be most appropriate for your own specific business environment.

The Horizons' Leadership Coaching sessions can be delivered to managers anywhere in the UK via Skype; or face to face for managers who live in or near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Description: The Core Leadership Coaching Programme

The proven four-month Horizon's Leadership Coaching Programme is made up of eight one-hour sessions, arranged at fortnightly intervals, in three distinct phases:

PHASE ONE - PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: focuses on identifying and developing your individual strengths and self-confidence (3 sessions)

PHASE TWO - INTERPERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: focuses on developing your leadership and communication skills (3 sessions)

PHASE THREE – INTEGRATION: focuses on bringing together your personal and interpersonal skills; and concludes with reaching agreement on your individual action plan (2 sessions)

Parallel Study Programme

One of the reasons that the Horizons' Leadership Coaching programme has proved so successful is that it is accompanied by a parallel study programme. This provides the detailed theoretical background to the coaching sessions. It also involves the completion of a number of "homework" exercises including questionnaires to determine your natural leadership and communication styles.

The study programme comprises selected chapters from the following 6 course books:

  • "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey
  • "Coaching for Performance" by John Whitmore
  • "What Matters Most" by Hyrum W Smith
  • "Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee
  • "Leadership Plain and Simple" by Steve Radcliffe
  • "Beyond the Babble: Leadership Communication That Drives Results" by Bob Matha and Macy Boehm
  • "Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't" by Jim Collins

How much does it cost?

• All eight sessions, paid in advance: £560 including all reports and questionnaires. The price can also be split into two installments of £280, spaced 2 months apart.
• This price does not include the cost of the books used in the programme. For Newcastle-based clients, the books can be loaned to you for return at the next session. For clients from elsewhere, all the books are available at relatively low cost (second hand) via Amazon.

Book Your Pre-Coaching Meeting Today - 07905.929.953

As a next step, please contact Paul today to arrange a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss your own particular situation and leadership coaching needs in more detail. You can call him on 07905.929.953 or e-mail at paul@horizonslifecoaching.co.uk.

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