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Introduction to Business Coaching

Business Coaching yields resultsEvery individual and every company is different. So the Horizons approach to Business Coaching recognises that all coaching contracts are unique. There is no "one size fits all" solution. Nonetheless, three core programmes have been developed as the framework for discussion with clients. These are:

1. The Small Business Managers Programme: This flexible programme is aimed at owner-managers of small businesses. It helps them to grow their business whilst retaining a good work-life balance. It focuses on the emotional side of running a business, rather than providing specific financial or legal advice.

2. The Executive Coaching Programme: This programme takes an holistic, whole-life approach to the development of great managers. It is also appropriate for sales executives and other high performers.

3. The Leadership Development Programme: This is a one-to-one 4-month programme for managers and team leaders. It is particularly appropriate for managers or other talented individuals who have been identified as having significant leadership potential. The coaching sessions are typically delivered alongside a parallel study programme. The programme uses some of the world's greatest texts on leadership and self-development.

Previous Business Coaching Clients

Paul is a long-standing Member of the ILM

Based on his own extensive management experience, aligned with his extensive coach training, Leadership and Wellbeing Coach Paul Hemphill has coached an incredible range of business clients.

On the corporate side, they have included Board members and Directors, senior sales executives, production managers, software developers, accountants and HR professionals - across both the public and private sectors

And with respect to small business owners, Paul's clients have included independent financial advisors, marketing consultants, pub chain and other leisure business owners, and a range of online sales and training companies.

Please don't hesitate to book a FREE Introductory Session if you'd like to find out more about how Paul could help you or your business to set and achieve some exciting new goals and targets.

The Benefits of Using an Executive or Leadership Coach

Business Coaching for ProfitBusiness coaching provides a great return on investment because of its transformational power to raise management and leadership capabilities. For this reason there are few major PLCs that do not already offer coaching to their Directors and Management Board, for whom it is often seen as a mark of honour and respect. Click here to watch a 40 second video on the value of coaching by Google Chief Executive, Eric Schmidt.

Because of its effectiveness in the Boardroom, more and more companies are coming to understand the role that coaching can play throughout the whole organisation. Coaching is not just a "nice to have" when times are good. It can make a massive difference to every business by improving leadership and communications, delivering more effective selling and resulting in better decision making.

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