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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Executive Coaching with Horizons provides an assured and cost-effective way of supporting key staff to become even more productive and successful. As Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt points out in the short You Tube clip below, it is not failing managers who benefit most from coaching, it is the ones with the most potential. Having said that, coaching can also be extremely effective in helping managers overcome difficult periods in their careers.

The Horizons' Executive Coaching programme involves four one hour sessions spaced at weekly intervals This can be followed by 6 further sessions, spaced one month apart. The programme is especially helpful for managers, team leaders and sales personnel in organisations that recognise the advantages of a holistic approach to staff development. Coaching can be delivered by Skype to business clients anywhere in Europe, or face-to-face in or near the city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

To find out more, please contact Paul Hemphill today on 07905.929.953 or use this Enquiry Form.

The core Executive Coaching Programme

The four one-hour sessions that make up the core programme are:

SESSION ONE helps you to identify your core values – the “personal rules” which govern all your emotions and behaviours.

SESSION TWO helps you to review your values in relation to achieving your goals at work, managing staff and projects effectively, and creating a good work-life balance.

SESSION THREE helps you to understand the 6 main Leadership Styles (as established by business psychologist Daniel Goleman) and to identify the styles to which you are most naturally inclined.

SESSION FOUR helps you to agree a short term Action Plan setting out the immediate things you need to do or change, in order to work towards your long term goals.

What are the confidential outputs of the programme for the executive?

  • A detailed Values Report, completed after Session 1, setting out your 8-12 core values (with descriptions for each) ranked in order of importance
  • A clear understanding about how your work and life choices should be influenced by your values in order to reduce stress, become more productive, and achieve true fulfillment in your career
  • The results of a Leadership Styles questionnaire and an identification of your key strengths and development areas as a leader and manager (reviewed in Session 3)
  • A final Executive Coaching Report and Action Plan setting out your long term goals and a short-term action plan towards the achievement of these goals

Extensions to the programme

The Horizons Executive Coaching programme is a discrete stand-alone programme that can deliver a significant life changing experience for anyone who enters into it with commitment and enthusiasm. It does not require any further coaching sessions to be successful. However, after finishing your initial 4 week coaching programme it is recommended that you continue to have one coaching session a month for at least a further 6 sessions. This provides a significant incentive to you to carry out your Action Plan and also allows you to discuss further changes you might need to make in your life and career going forward.

In addition, you might decide that you would benefit from one or more topic-based coaching sessions in relation to specific issues in your Action Plan. Examples could include improving self confidence (for example with respect to public speaking), or using the principles of non-violent communication for improved negotiation skills.

How much does it cost?

  • The introductory sessions cost £70 per session or £250 for all four sessions (paid in advance), to include all reports and expenses. The 6 follow up sessions (once a month for six months) are also £70 per session (pay as you go) or £360 when booked together and paid in advance.  Horizons Coaching does not charge VAT.
  • An additional fee may be required for corporate clients who wish to integrate the coaching programme into their wider staff development programmes as this will require time to be spent in discussions with HR staff and to required adaptations being made to the coaching programme.
  • Please enquire about additional coaching options, including "Introduction to Coaching" workshops for more than one manager

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