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Welcome to Horizons!

Welcome to Horizons Life Coaching! We are here to help you become the person or manager you always wanted to be.

The practice was founded by Paul Hemphill with a mission to provide you or your business with affordable but high impact coaching services. Paul believes that coaching provides a fantastic opportunity for everyone to dramatically improve their lives, at home or at work - moving from OK to good, and from good to great!

Having Paul as your coach means having someone who will always be on your side. Paul will really listen to your concerns and hopes for the future without judgement or criticism. Over a number of sessions, he will then help you make exciting new plans to take yourself forward so that you can life life as you've always wanted.

Book your free introductory session todayThe Horizons Life Coaching core values are professionalism, making a difference, confidentiality, honesty and reliability. It is really important to Paul that you trust his honesty and professional abilities as a coach, that you are absolutely confident that he will always have your best interests at heart, and that he will be completely confidential. As a next step, Paul strongly encourages you call him on 07905.929.953 to arrange a FREE introductory session. This will allow you to meet him in person (or via Skype), to find out more about coaching, and to discuss your own particular coaching needs.

Terms and Conditions and Code of Ethics

As a member of both the Association for Coaching and the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), Paul's coaching is delivered to the highest possible standards. To find out more, please visit:

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