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Horizons Life Coaching Terms and Conditions

The payment of fees to Horizons Life Coaching is deemed to signify acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Fees: The standard fee per 1 hour coaching session for personal / individual coaching is £60. A discount for pre-payment of groups of four sessions is generally available at a rate of £190. The hourly rate includes all preparation time and for the preparation of any printed reviews by the coach following the coaching session. Receipts will be issued on request.

The fees for Executive / Business Coaching (paid through a business account) is £250 for the first four sessions and £360 for the subsequent 6 follow-up sessions, if required.

The fee for the 8 session "Leadership Development Programme" is £560, payable in two installments of £280 (including the loan of the course books for the parallel study programme).

Horizons Coaching is not VAT registered.

Payment in advance: Payment in advance is always required.

Return of fees: Horizons Life Coaching offers a no-quibble guarantee that fees will be returned for any session that the client considers to be unhelpful if the request is made within three calendar days (72 hours) after the session. Fees are also returned for any outstanding coaching sessions should the client decide to cancel after having paid for four sessions in advance, provided at least three days notice (72 hours) is given by the client. In other words if the client pays £190 for four sessions in advance and then cancels after two sessions £95 will be returned.

Termination: Horizons Life Coaching also has the right to terminate the contract at any time, at which point all unused, pre-paid fees will be returned to the client. A reason for termination will always be provided to the client, in line with the Horizons' Code of Ethics.

Fee increases: At least three months notice will be given to existing clients if fees are to be raised.

Lateness for sessions by the client: Charges for each one hour coaching session will begin at the start time agreed in advance, not when the client arrives. This is especially true at busy times when sessions cannot over-run.

Re-arranging sessions: Re-arranging sessions is to be avoided if at all possible, and at least 48 hours notice is required or the session fee may be retained, at the discretion of Horizons' Coaching, dependent on the availability of suitable alternative sessions.

Availability outside coaching sessions: On-call coaching is not available outside the pre-arranged sessions, for example by phone or e-mail. It would be appreciated if phone calls from the client to arrange sessions or agree topics are restricted to 9am-9pm (Monday to Friday) and 11am-5pm (Weekends)

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