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Horizons Life Coaching Code of Ethics

In addition to abiding by the Code of Ethics of the Association for Coaching, Horizons Life Coaching is fully committed to its own Code of Ethics which specifically relates to the practice’s own areas of expertise and competencies. A pdf copy of the full Horizons Life Coaching Code of Ethics is available by clicking here. Below is a short summary of key elements of the Horizons code:

Values based ethics:
We are fully committed to the principles of honesty, integrity, openness, transparency and equality and these are the key values on which the practice is based. Amongst the areas that lie outside the competency of the practice are all forms of counselling and therapy, coaching to young people under 18 years old, and any form of mediation between two or more people.

Accreditation and legislative ethics:
We fully support the principle that all coaches associated with Horizons Life Coaching should be accredited by a recognised coaching organisation, have appropriate levels of indemnity insurance, abide by the Data Protection Act and disclose information about clients to the police if legally required to do so.

Confidentiality and record keeping ethics:
The confidentiality of all information provided by the client is paramount to the ethics of Horizons Life Coaching. The practice operates a paper-based system of records for its clients which are kept in a safe location and not shared with any third party (unless legally required to do so). The only computer-based records held by the practice are clients’ contact details, compliant with the Data Protection Act

Operational ethics:
The circumstances in which a coaching relationship will be terminated include if any form of dependency or attachment develops between the coach and client, if no progress is being made towards the client’s stated goals or if the areas of coaching begin to stray into those outside the competency of the practice. Horizons’ has given a firm commitment to request, welcome and respond to any feedback from clients, including complaints.


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