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    Making Difficult Conversations Easi...

    We’d all like to avoid them if we could. But sometimes you just have to have one of those difficult conversations with your boss, a member of staff, a friend, parent or partner. So what steps can you take to […]

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    Recognition: In Praise of Praise...

    In praise of praise: Why being generous with your compliments is such a good strategy.
    We all like to be complimented for our efforts. But how do you rate when it comes to giving recognition and handing out praise to others?
    Are […]

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    Small Talk – Big Impression!...

    It can sometimes feel nerve wracking to join a group of people, most of whom you don’t know, at a social or networking event. Telling yourself: “I’m no good at small talk. I won’t know what to say” will almost […]

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    The Truth About Company Identity an...

    The owners and directors of most businesses understand that it is important  to have a strong company identity that their customers will recognise and respond to. But all too often the first person that companies turn to help them create […]

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    Knowing Your Core Values – The ...

    When clients first come to see me they rarely express an interest in learning about their core values.

    But many people first contact me because they feel that something is missing in their lives. They might have a decent job, a […]

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  • Three really easy ways to be happie...

    Even when our lives are going reasonably well, sometimes we can get so caught up in our day-to-day struggles that we find ourselves feeling a little blue. When this happens we can even start to lose sight of all the […]

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  • Jane: A Life Coaching Case Study...

    When Jane first came to see me she was quite down. Not depressed but certainly out of sorts. “There’s nothing seriously wrong” she said, “and certainly nothing to see a doctor or a therapist about. But I’m just not very […]

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  • Are You a Leader? Knowing the Funda...

    Are you a leader? You might think that this question is all about whether you are a boss or in charge of a local club or organisation. But actually, we all have the potential for leadership at different times in our […]

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Grateful Thanks from Some of Our Clients

Read Some of Our Testimonials

“Since I completed my sessions I feel that I have truly re-connected with myself and feel much more confident. Most of all I am much more approachable”

Nadia Dhean, Actress, Newcastle upon Tyne

“The coaching sessions were invaluable. They gave me a good understanding of what was important to me and how to apply that to my working life”

Chris Masters, Communications Manager

“Many thanks for your highly professional assistance over the past weeks.  I have emerged from the process full of fresh ideas, and highly motivated!" 

Rex Winter, Solicitor

Read more Testimonials here.