Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance Coaching Programme

Very few people set out in life to be workaholics. But if you woke up today to the realisation that is what you have become – someone who lives to work, rather than the other way around – this programme could be just what you need. Your wake-up call was probably provided by a loved-one, or possibly your best friend, fed up at never seeing you, by cancelled appointments, or that you are regularly missing at big family events.


Book your free introductory Work Life Balance Coaching session todayThe programme begins with a review of your “wheel of life” – to identify the areas of your life which you are currently prioritising, and the areas which you would like to re-prioritise in the future. The next step is to look at methods for reducing your time commitments in one or more areas; and to identify the things you would prefer to do in that time – before arriving at a clear action plan for the future. The programme has the immediate benefit of demonstrating to your loved ones that you are serious about achieving a new balance in your life.The best way of finding out more about the Work Life Balance programme is to book a free Introductory Session with Paul Hemphill. You can use this session to meet Paul, tell him about your current situation and ask him any questions. Attending this friendly and non-judgemental session is entirely without obligation so please don't hesitate to book today by phoning Paul on 01905.929.953 or by using our easy to complete Booking Form.

What will you walk away with at the end of the programme?

  • A printed review of the priority you are currently giving to every aspect of your life, and a clear idea about how you would like things to be
  • An understanding of the motivations that you have led you into to your current situation and how these have not always served your true life purpose
  • An action plan that clearly sets out what you will do to reduce the time and mental energy you devote to some areas of your life to give yourself the freedom to re-balance your life and get much more joy, satisfaction and fulfilment from it.
  • All the confidence and determination you need to put your plan into action.

What happens next?

After finishing their initial 4 week work life balance coaching programme some clients like to arrange ongoing monthly review sessions. This is partly to give themselves an extra incentive to carry out their action plan and partly to discuss what further changes they might need to make in their life going forward. Other clients choose to arrange quarterly reviews or just decide to “go it alone”. There will be absolutely no pressure put on you, whatever you decide to do.

How much does it cost?

  • Pay as you go: £60 per 1 hour session
  • All four sessions, paid in advance: £190. All outstanding money will be returned if you decide to cancel at any time.

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“Work-life balance is unique to every individual. It’s a matter of learning what truly nourishes you and what causes stress and chaos in your life. Balance is about discovering an awareness of what throws you off balance and learning skills that bring you back to your true self”

Dr Kathleen Turner, The Stress Institute