Personal Life Coaching

Personal Life Coaching with Horizons

Personal coaching with Horizons is all about helping you move quickly towards living the life that you always wanted: A life of fulfillment and wellbeing.

Everybody is different. We all have different values, different goals, different things that will make us happy. That is why no two coaching sessions are ever the same. The Horizons approach to coaching is deeply personal. You are unique and that is the way you will be treated - with respect and without judgement or criticism. You deserve the very best out of life, even if you have convinvced yourself otherwise.

Book your free introductory Personal Life Coaching session todayIf you are new to coaching, is it recommended that you begin by arranging a FREE Introductory Session to meet Paul Hemphill and to find out more.

One of the main aims of this first session is to discuss what you most hope to gain out of coaching and the type of coaching sessions that will suit you best. Whilst everyone is different, there are six core "programmes" that can be modified to suit your own particular needs. These are:

  • Career Coaching: Because you want to reconsider your career direction and find a new, more satisfying path. You may even be thinking about setting up your own business.
  • Coaching for Confidence: Because you feel low on confidence about social situations, public speaking or attending interviews, or because you are shy or full of self-doubt.
  • New Start (Transition) Coaching: Because you want to make a new start following a big change in your life such as promotion, redundancy, retirement, moving to a new area, starting a family, separation, or the death of a loved one.
  • Work / Life Balance Coaching: Because you have come to the realisation that as much as you enjoy it, you have reached the point where you are simply living to work.

Be the best

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good”

Nina Simone