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Horizons is a professional coaching practice established by Paul Hemphill in 2010. His aim was to provide high impact coaching to anyone who wants to put the past behind them and start to live the life they have always wanted. Since then he has helped literally hundreds of clients like you to do just that! To find out more, click here to book your FREE Introductory Session.

Everyone is different so Paul is careful not to offer a one-size-fits-all solution to any client. However, most clients fit into one of these broad categories:

CAREER COACHING: Whether you are a new graduate just starting your working life or if you feel like you need a major change in direction and want to review your options moving forward.
STRESS AND CONFIDENCE COACHING: Whether you want to overcome general feelings of shyness or anxiety or you have a specific confidence issue such as public speaking or going for interviews.
TRANSITION COACHING: If you want to restart your life after a major life changing experience such as redundancy, retirement, divorce or separation.
BUSINESS AND LEADERSHIP COACHING: If you are an owner / manager and want support with the emotional side of running a business, including goal setting, maintaining a good work-life balance, or improving your leadership skills.

If you’d like to know more, Paul offers a FREE introductory session at which you can meet him and discuss your current situation before making any commitment to proceed. Face-to-face sessions are usually arranged at Paul’s home in Gosforth, Newcastle. Alternatively, Paul has provided Online Coaching by Skype to clients all over the UK and Europe as far away as Saudi Arabia, India and Uganda.

Call Paul now on 07905.929.953 or follow us on:

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